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All our is provided with modern and durable packaging.

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Dongguan EcoTech Co.,Ltd founded in 2014, we are specialised in rubber,plastic and silicone products, from the source of raw materials procurement, design and development, to the final product and shipping. We have at least 15 years of production experience, and over the years,we have supplied many products to the global famous brands.in the past several years,we exported the qood quality products to North America,East Asia,Australia,Russia,Africa,South Asia and many European countries.

Creating awareness among potential buyers about certain products or the brand is essential for the success of any business. With a number of promotional mediums available in the market, it is important to opt for one which is unique and reaches a wider audience. You can now promote your business effectively with promotional products from EcoTech. We offer you a wide range of products to suit your individual needs.

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At EcoTech we make sure that every campaign is a success for our clients and hence we follow a certain procedure. The initial stage consists of intensive research, which helps us to understand your industry and design the best products for your market. Secondly we plan a strategic campaign and develop it. Finally our production department works on strict quality control and then we launch the campaign targeting maximum buyers. With this level of detail, our campaigns are always a success!



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